Beck is dedicated to aiding the communities in which we live and work. Each year our employees each donate an average of 30 hours of community service and charitable activity work. That equates to over 10,000 hours of local community service each year.

In addition to our local efforts, through our Beck Community Development Foundation, employees have the opportunity to travel to Mexico to drill for clean water, build orphanages and actively participate in our humanitarian efforts.

Beck Community Development Foundation (BCDF)

The Beck Community Development Foundation (BCDF) is dedicated to meeting the needs of underdeveloped communities in Central America, Mexico and the United States. Since 2005, BCDF has invested more than 18,000 man hours towards this effort.

At the heart of our mission is to permanently break the cycles of poverty, under education, poor hygiene and sickness. Our goal is to make a lasting impression in these communities, creating change and bringing improvements that will impact lives forever.

The focus of our efforts are in four major areas of need: Water, shelter, education and microfinance. BCDF tracks progress and data from projects to clearly see how they have benefited the community and identify ways to improve.

In the past decade, the BCDF has:

  • Enabled over 850 Beck employees and friends Beck to participate in project trips.
  • Repaired and/or drilled 11 clean water wells.
  • Repaired or constructed ten school or classroom buildings, positively affecting the lives of over 8,600 people.
  • Donated numerous trucks, construction equipment and an ambulance to various non-profit organizations in Mexico and Central America.
  • Conducted more than 36 in-country classes, seminars or training and development workshops, providing participants with over 16,000 hours of education to help them improve their community and livelihood.
  • Provided $45,000 in scholarships to nine college students who are interested in helping others improve their lives or are pursuing a degree in some aspect of community development.
  • Worked in conjunction with a local Savings and Loan, Caja Depac, to provide more than $100,000 in micro-loans to individuals.

How can you help?

The Beck Group is deeply committed to sustainable methods in these communities. Our relief efforts involve the community so that improvements can be maintained. We look for partners who share our vision and will help grow our resources.

The BCDF needs help in the following areas:

  • Labor
  • Materials and Equipment
  • Financial Donations

Please contact Humberto Trevino for more information.