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Coworking Spaces

By Heather Mund, Marketing Coordinator Trends in Office Space: Coworking Office space has... read more »

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Beck’s Bi-Annual Cost Report: Summer 2017

Twice a year our estimating teams publish a Cost Report addressing the major markets and offices... read more »

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Texo Association Highlights Texas Scottish Rite Hospital North

Scottish Rite Hospital's North Campus, expected to open in Fall 2018, is currently being built by... read more »


Small Changes, Big Impact

By Heather Mund, Marketing Coordinator Buildings account for almost 40 percent of national CO2... read more »

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Biophilic Design in The Workplace

By Ashlynne Gartner and Rachel Mattes Here at The Beck Group, our sustainable objective for the... read more »

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Design for Urban Resilience

By Marianna Verlage, Sustainability Manager, Design The topic of urban resilience has become... read more »

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Austin Architect Goes “Back to School”

By Erin Bettison, Marketing Manager, Austin Last fall, Justin Bell, a member of the Beck... read more »

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Architecture and the University Brand

By Ray Kahl, Director of Higher Education, Design “There is no doubt whatever about the... read more »

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What to Consider Before Merging With a Contractor

“The culture of the organization and the quality of the individuals will determine the ultimate... read more »

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WELL Building’s Impact on Student Success

While college can be a time of learning and fun it can be also play havoc on students’ health.... read more »

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Why Team Alignment Matters

By Denton Wilson, Director of Collaboration Throughout my career I’ve been on a journey to... read more »

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Construction Outlook From Our Market Experts

The Biannual Beck Group Cost Report is out. Preconstruction Directors in each of our markets had an... read more »