Discovering a Passion through Traveling and Giving Back

Ashley’s interest in architecture started with participation in mission trips. In high school, she would spend her spring break vacation with her church to help build necessary structures in communities in places like Jamaica and Honduras. Ashley says, “These trips helped me realize how rewarding something like architecture and construction can be. You’re helping meet people’s needs, and there’s something tangible when you’re finished. You get to see and appreciate the fruits of your labor. All of that is really satisfying to me.”

Ashley received her Bachelors in Architecture from The University of Texas at Arlington and her Masters from The University of Houston. “I was lucky to get to travel a lot during my time in school,” she says, “I did two study abroad trips and participated in programs with the student chapter of AIA to visit new cities in the US and Canada. Seeing all of the different cultures and styles of architecture was really impactful.”

Ashley is the Chair of the Young Professionals network with the Dallas AIA. One aspect of the Young Professionals group is to give back to the community through design. They have partnered with local initiatives and existing organizations to assist with design and volunteering. “We’ve teamed with groups like GrowSouth in Dallas to give back. We all have these skills that are needed to help build and improve communities. It’s great to be able to put them to good use outside of our normal jobs,” Ashley says.

Ashley also incorporates her desire to give back to the community at Beck. “The Work/Play studio has recently started to volunteer as a group. We’re aiming to help an organization once a quarter,” she says, “It’s easy to get plugged in and give your time. Plenty of places are looking for people.”

Ashley has been with Beck for three years. She currently serves as a project coordinator on our Stadium project with Tec de Monterrey. “I like the people aspect of architecture and making connections with people.” Ashley says, “That’s something that I really like about working here. Beck puts a big emphasis on relationship building, both internally and externally. That’s something I thrive on.”