Damian Hamlin attended school at Virginia Tech and received a Bachelor of Architecture. “Architecture was, and still is, one of the few subjects that I could spend hours on and not feel like it was a hardship. My mom probably thought I was overly invested once I started missing dinners to keep working on projects while in school,” he says, “but, things like that never felt like a bad thing to me. Time just didn’t pass by when I was working and I always felt like I was solving a puzzle.”

Damian focuses on the people who use the spaces that he designs and builds. “Thinking of the end user should be inherent. You want them to enjoy the space, not dread it. Attention to details matter.”

@ Beck

Damian has been with The Beck Group for more than 18 years. “My time at Beck started as an intern. I worked as part of the construction management team in Atlanta and joined the team full time as a construction project engineer when I graduated from college.” When our Atlanta office started to grow the architecture team, Damian became a part of that, eventually moving into his role as a Project Executive and Associate Principal.

In his time at Beck, Damian has had the chance to work on a wide variety of projects. “It’s hard to pinpoint my favorite project or even favorite type of project that I’ve worked on. If I had to choose, my time spent on higher education athletic facilities has been really rewarding.” For Damian, the people he gets to work with is part of what makes design/construction such a great career for him. “The teams I work with are as interesting as the projects themselves. I’ve had the opportunity to meet people from all over the country and learn new processes from them and what makes them passionate about the work that they do. It’s pretty inspiring.”

Outside of the Office

When he’s not at work, Damian likes being active. “I’m getting back into fitness, so I’ve started exercising and running more.” He also enjoys time with his family. “I have two daughters and a son on the way. My oldest daughter has started horseback riding so it’s been great to spend time with her at a stable. Watching the girls goof off with each other makes my heart melt.”

Having just moved into a new house, Damian also finds himself design/building at home. “I’m really into DIY projects. It gives me a chance to design and execute something that’s for my own home. With the new house, the list is long.”