A Lifetime of Drawing  

Khang Nguyen’s path to becoming an architect started with a love of drawing.

“When I was a little kid, I used to draw my own comic books,” he says, “I was constantly creating.” His dad, a civil engineer, took note of Khang’s talent and suggested that he go into architecture.

Khang earned a Bachelor of Architecture at Ho Chi Minh City University in Vietnam, before moving to the U.S. to complete a Master of Architecture at The University of Texas at Arlington. “I’m lucky to have found a career that lets me use my hobbies on a daily basis,” he says.

Khang still has a passion for drawing and is involved in several organizations, as practice.

He is a member of a sketching group in the Uptown area of Dallas that meets once a week to draw. He is also a member of Urban Sketcher, an organization that meets monthly. “I like learning perspective, but urban landscapes are my favorite.”

Khang is a project coordinator in our Work/Play group, but hopes to one day become a project designer.

“The design aspect is my favorite part about what I do,” he says, “I enjoy what I do so much because it incorporates my love of drawing and I’m always getting to learn new things, which is also important to me.”

Khang strives to learn new things to develop and better refine his skills, “I look up to the designers I get to work with at Beck. I’m learning and striving to help create spaces for people that are not only functional for their tasks, but that also look good and are pleasing to the eye.”