Polo Player…Born Builder…Difference Maker

When she was young, Kristin Blackmar’s parents told her, “You won’t be cheering for people. You’ll be the one others cheer for.” That’s certainly proven to be true for the star athlete turned construction project manager. Kristin made her mark in sports and is doing the same in the construction industry.

Polo Player

Born into an athletic family (her father is a former touring PGA professional and her mother is the current head golf coach for a Texas university), Kristin claims she never had a choice about not being involved in sports.

She was a member of Texas A&M University’s water polo team. While she’s been out of school for a while, she’s still in the pool as a member of a local water polo club.

She stays involved in the sport both to keep up her fitness and as a stress reliever. “After a stressful day, who doesn’t want to get in the pool and beat the tar out of someone?” she explains.

Born Builder

You might say Kristin was born with a love of construction. “My parents would find me building forts out of diapers,” she says.

Recognizing her interest and aptitude in building, Kristin’s family encouraged her to study construction. That’s how she found herself pursuing a bachelor’s degree in construction sciences at Texas A&M, followed by earning her MBA at The University of Texas at Arlington.

Difference Maker

Kristin is active in recruiting and interviewing women who are interested in pursuing a construction-related role. She looks for women who know what their triggers are, don’t let small things bother them and are capable of handling themselves well in stressful situations.

“Construction is historically a man’s world,” Kristin says. “It’s important for women to know who they are and be able to roll with the punches that come with the high-pressure construction field.”


Her philosophy towards dealing with stress comes from her mother, who told her “Suck it up – and here’s a straw.”

@ Beck

Kristin first joined Beck as a project engineer in Austin after completing her studies at Texas A&M University. She moved to work on the project team of a large telecomm client, where she learned to balance multiple fast-paced projects. That experience served her well in her current role as an assistant project manager on midsized complex projects.

“I believe it’s important to look for ways to give back. Every experience and relationship helps you grow.”

Kristin’s focus on excellence and achievement is part of what draws clients to work with Beck again and again.