A Unique Role

Silviu Stoian moved to the U.S. from Romania as a structural engineer. When the economy was bad, he went back to school at Southern Polytechnic State University and earned his Master of Science in Construction Management. A scholarship helped lead him to The Beck Group and his unique career here.

“I started calling people on the board of the organization that provided me a scholarship in school. John Farmer at Beck reached out to set up an interview,” Silviu says, “The position was for a project engineer but I talked so much about technology that they decided to refer me to someone else within the company for a chance to interview for a different role. It wasn’t something that Beck normally hired for at the time, but it was something I really fit into and it was a great opportunity.”


@ Beck

The role that Silviu initially took, was one that would help bridge the gap between design and construction. At the time, a group of individuals with similar roles would hold daily calls to discuss how to use technology to create better processes. This team turned into a new department, the Virtual Building Group (VBG).

Since its inception, Silviu has been leading the VBG Services Team. Many of the issues they solve are unique in nature, but one thing his team specializes in is helping project teams better understand existing buildings, which in turn mitigates risk on projects.

VBG supports Beck internally while also working with select external clients.

“When it comes to as-built conditions, our process is very simple. We’re deconstructing the building and then putting it back together in a virtual environment.” he says. He is a lifelong learner and spends what spare time he does have reading.

“I’m always trying to improve and learn how to become a better leader from my team. It’s all about building relationships and trust.” Silviu says, “I enjoy reading philosophy, learning about the self and how to help others.”


Technology Beyond Work

Using technology to better understand our world is not just a job for Silviu, it’s turned into a hobby. He spent two weeks in a 3,000 year old city in Italy as part of a team who were seeking to understand and preserve the city. “The city was so old that a lot of records just don’t exist,” Silviu says, “Because of this, when a natural disaster such as a mudslide hits, it’s very difficult to build it back to what it was.”

The program he attended in Italy, Reality Capture Workshop, documented important city sites and was nominated for an AIA Innovation Award and ultimately received an Honorable Mention and the People’s Choice Award. “The discovery process is my favorite, it’s like solving a puzzle,” he says, “It’s like looking back in time. You search through a lot of noise in order to find something meaningful. It forces you to learn and understand past methodologies and technologies.”


In His Free Time

Outside of work, Silviu enjoys spending time with his family. “We just had a baby not too long ago so that takes up a lot of my time, but it’s a fun thing and has been a new adventure,” he says.

He also enjoys spending time outdoors whether that is biking, sailing, snowboarding, long-boarding and tending to his home orchard. “I spent a lot of time around by grandpa’s orchard while I was a kid and it was something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I’ve planted about 30 trees and I’ll have produce from May through December. It takes a lot of work but it’s tangibly rewarding.”


Photo by Harmony Blackwell Photography