From the first meeting, you will notice The Beck Group has a unique approach to architecture and construction. We create teams across all departments and areas of expertise to work on a common goal – your project. We believe a better process and outcome result from working together. Many companies who work with Beck come to share this opinion. Contact Us to learn how our approach could benefit your next project.

Our Services

Beck works with real estate developers, corporations, organizations and institutions to design and build their facilities. We create buildings and build communities. Read More »

Beck Foundation

Beck is dedicated to aiding the communities in which we live and work. Read More »

“We believe that great design and great construction go together. Only when we rise to the level of true teaming, taking responsibility for each other’s work, can we address the fundamental inefficiencies and the waste involved with delivering buildings. ”

Fred Perpall, FAIA, Chief Executive Officer

Our Mission

Revolutionize the Industry… Create the Future.


Our Vision

An environment where extraordinary demand for Beck’s superior products, services and innovative solutions will result in unique and rewarding experiences for our customers and our people.


Our Values

INTEGRITY is doing the right thing when no one is looking and behaving with uncompromising honesty.

We believe in maintaining lasting relationships based on honesty, consistency and with the highest ethical standards. This creates credibility in our personal and professional relationships.

CARING is showing concern, empathy and compassion for others, ourselves, and our environment.

Our concern for one another shows itself in our commitment to Safety First in all we do and never compromising on it. We encourage each other to be the absolute best and hold each other accountable to that. We help those in need, contribute to the communities in which we work and develop creative ways to be responsible with all our resources.

INTEGRATION is working unselfishly toward common goals across disciplines, teams, departments and regions.

We believe that our collective contributions are greater than our individual skills. We will be transparent as a group and seek to understand each other’s expertise to provide the most value possible in delivering our services to one another and our clients.

INNOVATION is never being too comfortable with the status quo by developing new ideas and applying those solutions that differentiate us in valuable ways.

We hold each other accountable for continuous improvements in our results and will not look at innovation as an end to itself. We will maintain an environment where we foster new ideas and encourage changes that can help us improve.

Our History

Since 1912, Beck has led the building industry by example. Over the years, our work has been trendsetting, groundbreaking and award winning. The next 100 years promise to be as challenging and exciting as the first century has been.Read more »