Beck in Architectural Products: New Digs in Downtown Dallas

  • Jul 12, 2022

The Beck Group’s National Design Director Michael Kaiser and Javier Ortiz, one of the leading designers on the project, recently sat down with Architectural products to talk about the firm’s new corporate headquarters.

Beck’s new headquarters fills three floors inside the shimmering Santander Tower in Downtown Dallas. After several years of designing and building the 80,000 SF corporate office space, the firm moved into its well-appointed new digs in November 2019.

The Kaiser-Ortiz duo shares insights about planning and design strategy, including the products used in the office space and how those choices set the firm up for success when the coronavirus pandemic hit just four months later:

“‘We’re getting a lot of people joining us, especially young architects, who look forward to working in an office.’ reports Michael Kaiser…

Part of that is the professional desire to learn and work around others, but the newly refurbished space surely deserves some credit, too.”

To read more about what Kaiser and Ortiz had to say, learn about the products used, and see the stunning office space photography, see the May/June issue of Architectural Products.