What Is Future Church?

  • May 16, 2015

Beck works with growing churches across the country. We’ve noticed that during our design meetings much of the conversation focused on the changes in culture and developing design solutions that not only meet current needs, but anticipate future ones.

After a conversation with Dave Travis of Leadership Network, Beck’s Tom Greenwood and Michael Kaiser decided to research the church of the future independent of any particular Beck project.

Tom and Michael met with pastors and church leaders to discover their ideas of where culture was going and what the needs of the church would be through 2020. They then took this research and tasked their architectural team with developing designs to meet the needs. The results encompass six months of research and design work.

The question was simple: What will the church of 2022 look like?

We posed asked our designers this after speaking with pastors and leaders across the country. In our future-focused conversations with the people on the front lines, we heard words like missional, multi-site, poly-site, shared, immersive, urban, global, simple, palette, incubator, narrator, aircraft carrier, community center, epicenter, launching pad, middle ground, flexible, digital, scalable, sustainable, efficient, connection and connected.

The designers heard what the pastors had to say, then went to work. The teams divided into different groups each with its own challenge. The Flexible Church team worked to develop a concept that would be easily adaptable over time. The Found Church team was tasked to find something easy and scalable that could be set up anywhere at any time. The Global Church team was tasked at creating something affordable and adaptable to the needs of under-resourced countries. The Re-Birthed Church team was tasked to breathe life into old church buildings centered in neighborhoods. And the Urban Church team was charged with coming up with solutions for the hearts of our cities.

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