Five Big Ideas from The Chicago Architecture Biennial

  • Oct 16, 2015

For the next three months Chicago is playing host to the Architectural Biennial, an exhibition that brings together leading designers, architects and artists to discuss how design can shape the world.

Five of the biggest ideas presented at the Biennial are the following:

  1. Design could heal the fractured relationship between people and police: Through design, police stations can in the future be open centers in the community in the same way that fire stations are today.
  2. Architecture in the 21st century is open source, not about a single visionary: Architects and designers along with the public have a role to play in the design of cities.
  3. Large-scale infrastructure should multitask: Buildings can serve multiple purposes such as city infrastructure and cultural space.
  4. Architecture isn’t confined to buildings. Architects are looking for new ways to practice and make architecture matter in the world.
  5. Adaptation is essential for buildings. Architects are taking a closer look at the materials they choose for buildings to adapt to the need to be environmentally responsible.

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