Four Retail Trends to Watch

  • Oct 19, 2015

The U.S. retail industry is in a state of flux. Some traditional retailers are closing stores, while some online brands are taking the next step in their growth journey – expanding into malls.

Bisnow recently released their take on the four retail trends to watch:

  1. Retailers are adding stores, but squeezing footprint: After the recession there were a large number of store closings and a switch to online shopping. Retailers are returning, but to much smaller spaces.
  2. Money to lend for retail: Banks are being more flexible with capital, especially in states like Texas.
  3. Grocers on the rise: Grocery-anchored developments are making a comeback
  4. Big boxes hard to fill: Big box stores are tough to re-tenant. In some cases Sprouts and Trader Joe’s are good options for smaller spaces.

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