See Beck’s Newly Designed Austin Office

  • May 13, 2024

A Space for Collaboration and Connection

Our new office is officially open in the heart of Plaza Saltillo of East Austin, where innovation and creativity intertwine with the city’s vibrant culture. Our vision for this workspace is a testament to fostering greater collaboration, creativity, and community connection.

Creating an inviting and functional environment 

The grand opening marks the inauguration of our physical space. It’s an inviting and functional environment accommodating architecture, preconstruction, and construction personnel. Our Austin office seamlessly combines open-plan workstations, dedicated collaboration areas, and various meeting spaces.

Like our neighborhood coffee shops and restaurants, our office features an open café that promotes informal meetings, casual conversations, and relaxation. At the heart of the office and layered with various seating options, including banquettes, café tables indoors and outdoors, and bar seating, this space encourages inspiration, interaction, and connection.

Telescoping glass slider doors connect the entry, café, and Co-Lab space. We have enjoyed hosting large gatherings and look forward to the many planned appreciation events for clients, consultants, and guests.

Design that highlights our collaborative approach

The office is meticulously crafted to encourage interaction and exchange. The large natural light-filled workstation area combined design, preconstruction, and operations teams in one collaborative space, encouraging cross-functional interactions and spontaneous conversations. The space allows our team to shape innovative solutions and share best practices. This capability reflects our commitment to a multidisciplinary approach to designing and building projects.

Integrating hoteling stations into the layout, we enjoy the energy from staff finding a new ‘home’ to work when away from the jobsite. This flexibility allows our team to seamlessly participate in team-building activities, workshops, and project meetings.

The team appreciates the diversity of meeting spaces. From intimate one-person focus rooms to a spacious Co-Lab, the spaces that accommodate small, impromptu meetings and larger, formal presentations ensure various office needs are met.

Materiality that Celebrates Austin’s Unique Culture 

An integral part of our design strategy was materiality. The space’s multiple textures and materials, with handmade ceramic tile from Mexico, warm white oak, soft leather, and natural jute, are layered with the simplicity of the concrete structure. The celebration of material creates a relaxed, hospitable, and handmade aesthetic. Similarly, the art installation at our entrance celebrates craft and community connection. We acknowledge Austin’s unique culture, providing a sense of place and authenticity in our workspace.

Biophilic elements, including the introduction of plants, softened the workspace and added a natural pop of color. This enhanced the office’s comfort and appeal, creating a more energizing, inviting, and engaging team environment.

Beyond its physical attributes, our unwavering commitment to fostering a strong sense of community, employee well-being, collaboration, and innovation sets our new office apart.

By incorporating hospitality elements and reflecting the local culture, this space begins a new chapter for Beck in Austin. It drives our purpose forward, celebrates our history, and continues to contribute to shaping this dynamic region.

Please reach out to tour our space and meet our team!


Jacqueline Dudley is an Associate at The Beck Group in Austin. She also managed the integrated design and construction of the project.