Solving Complex Design Challenges in Korea with BIM

  • Jun 20, 2016

Challenges with cost, square-footage and sustainability requirements were all in a day’s work for our architectural team working on a new home for South Korea’s most popular churches, SaRang Church.

Above ground, the building design featured two curving glass and steel towers joined by a sky bridge. The most striking aspect of the design was underground. The building extends more than 120 feet below grade, which allows the church to get the most from its chosen site.

The expertise of a multidisciplinary team and Building Information Modeling (BIM) were key to solving the project’s challenges.

“Autodesk BIM solutions helped us explore a level of geometric complexity in the building that would have been otherwise impractical,” says Kelly Cone, Director of Virtual Building. “BIM is not just about visualizing an innovative form; it helps you turn great concepts into better, more constructible designs.”

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