Your Hackathon Questions Answered

  • Apr 13, 2015

We’re back with more information on the AEC Hackathon in Dallas May 1-3 at the Addison Treehouse.

I’m curious about the event, but I don’t know how to code.

Come anyway! Not everyone who comes to the event will be a programmer. Some people come with a problem statement and invite a team to work with them for the weekend. Others come with tech gadgets like fitness trackers, drones, or virtual reality headsets and want to investigate the application of that technology to architecture, engineering or construction. There will be side presentations on Saturday by industry professionals about the use of technology in the built environment. At the least, you should come to attend the team presentations on Sunday afternoon.

Does all code need to be developed within the start/end of the hackathon?

No! You can come with existing code and work to further development of the code. When it is time to present your work, just tell us how far you were at the beginning of the event and how much you got done over the weekend.

What does the entrance fee cover?

The Addison Treehouse is an entrepreneur and co-working space, conveniently located northwest of downtown Dallas. They have graciously donated their space for the AEC Hackathon. The hackathon entrance fee covers food and drinks for the Friday night kickoff, all meals on Saturday, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday. Beyond the cost of food and other event incidentals, the entrance fees are pooled to form prize money.

What gadgets will be there?

If you already have an idea for a project, bring the necessary hardware. Beck’s VBG will bring several gadgets and make them available to teams that may want to develop solutions around them. These include:

  • Virtual reality: Google Cardboard (2x), Oculus Rift, Leap Motion device
  • Handheld scanners: Project Tango, Structure IO
  • Aerial cameras and imaging: DJI Inspire drone, FLIR camera, Piksi GPS sensors
  • Wearables: fitness tracker, Arduino-based microcontroller, Emotiv EEG (brainwave) sensor

Rogers-O’Brien Construction is also helping with local logistics. They will likely bring gadgets, including:

  • Virtual reality: Google Cardboard (2x), Oculus Rift, Leap Motion device, Xbox Kinect, Myo gesture controller, Epson Moverio BT-200 glasses
  • Handheld scanners: Structure IO
  • Aerial cameras and imaging: DJI Inspire drone, DJI Phantom 2 Vision+, FLIR camera, GoPro Hero 3 Black
  • Wearables: Vievu 2 Wearable Cameras (2x)
  • Location tracking: Estimote Beacons (6x)
  • Other: MakerBot Mini 3D Printer

What prizes will be awarded?

The judging committee is formed by the national AEC Hackathon organization. Prizes and categories are under their purview. However, Beck is also sponsoring a $500 prize for best use of the Emotiv EEG sensor.

Why is Beck’s VBG organizing the hackathon?

Beck’s VBG performs virtual design and construction activities common in the construction industry, such as 4D scheduling, reality capture, 3D modeling and unmanned aerial vehicle efforts. The VBG is also heavily involved in researching tools and processes to make the jobs of our designers, construction managers, and office personnel easier. The team serves as a dedicated resource for internal software development, allowing Beck to create solutions specifically tailored to the needs of an integrated firm and our unique clients. We believe in the power of collaboration.

I’m in! How do I register?

Click here to register for the hackathon. We look forward to seeing you there!