Technology to Go: Beck in a Box

  • Aug 2, 2015

With a goal of getting jobsites set up and running as quickly as possible, Beck’s technology team designed and implemented an innovative integrated technology infrastructure solution. Informally known as “Beck in a Box,” the portable technology infrastructure solution offers a cost-effective standardized method for quickly deploying core jobstite infrastructure.

Developing Beck in a Box was a challenge, requiring integration of servers, networking and storage, all in a portable small footprint. After testing multiple products, the team identified reliable and rugged components that would fit within a Gator Portable Rack Case. The case provides rugged protection in shipment, with lightweight portability through all phases of the construction process.

After the case arrives on site, the technology team can walk jobsite staff through setup over the phone. In most cases, a new jobsite will be online and functioning within 5-10 minutes. The Beck in a Box solution also allows the technology team to remotely observe the jobsite server, troubleshooting and creating backup files. As well, the equipment can be reused on subsequent projects, reducing project costs.