We Are The Change

  • Nov 16, 2016

By Norma Lehman, Director of Sustainability

I’ve been asked several times in the last week since the election what I think will be the future for the environment under the new administration so I thought I’d take a minute and share my thoughts.

I believe our great commission as citizens of this planet is to be “difference makers”, regardless of our political conviction or who leads our country. What we need now is more boots on the ground and a return to a grass-roots mentality. If change is going to happen it’s going to happen at the local level.

Let’s not forget that growth comes through resistance, and this may be our greatest opportunity to move the needle on sustainability, so let’s maintain course and speed. I know at The Beck Group we are making advancement toward our 2030 neutrality goals. For example:

  • Our Dallas and Fort Worth offices use 100 percent renewable power from wind.
  • Over the last six years we’ve reported our emissions as a company through the Carbon Disclosure Project and have made significant improvements.
  • 100 percent of our projects are focused on collaborating early utilizing energy modeling software to influence efficient building design.
  • All projects give preference to building materials that contribute to healthy indoor environment for building occupants.

We’ve made deep commitments to measure and report our progress and it is paying off.  We can’t afford to falter now.

If we want to see change, let’s look no further than in the mirror.  We are the change.  My challenge to myself and all of you is to get involved at the local level and advocate.  There are so many opportunities, through the local AIA, USGBC or your favorite environmental organization.  We have work to do, on energy efficiency, renewable energy production, water stewardship, healthy building materials and connecting to nature and the local community.

Join with me in being the change we want to see.