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Beck’s Biannual Cost Report: Spring 2016

Twice a year our estimating teams publish a Cost Report addressing the major markets and offices... read more »

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Where’s the Economy Headed

By Chad Schieber, Director of Client Services This post is part of an ongoing series inspired... read more »

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Three Ways to Make the Most of the Charrette

What does a French word for “little cart” have to do with designing buildings? A lot if... read more »

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1401 Lawrence: Forward Facing

The Beck-built 1401 Lawrence Office Tower in Denver is "poised to usher in the next generation of... read more »

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Outside Spaces are Key for Churches

It takes a lot for someone to decide to walk through the doors of a church if they've never been to... read more »

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University of Dallas Wins LEED Silver Certification

One of the University of Dallas’ newest facilities, the Satish and Yasmin Gupta College of... read more »

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Putting UAVs to Work in Construction

UAVs or drones have provided construction professionals with a new and powerful tool that enables... read more »

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An Architect’s Review of Winning With Millennials

John Paul DeFrank, Managing Principal, was recently asked to review the book Winning With... read more »

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Designing and Building For the Resilient City

Over the past few years the conversation about cities has evolved to include resiliency.  A... read more »

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Adaptive Reuse Gives New Life to Cities

By David Hutchison It’s often a story that comes to light in the business section of the local... read more »

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What’s Old Is New Again For Today’s Students

College admissions offices are selecting the Class of 2020 and students are eager to find out where... read more »

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From The Experts: Trends Shaping Architecture and Construction

Changing demographics, economics and consumer behavior impact how our cities and communities are... read more »