Beck Asks Manufacturers to Release HPDs

The EPA estimates that people spend nearly 90 percent of their time indoors. It is clear that the... read more »

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Technology Helps End Users During Project Process

Beck uses technology to translate the language of design and construction with the language of the... read more »

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Project Benefits Through Technology

Beck uses technology to consider the cost and schedule implications of various design solutions in... read more »

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Case Study: Creating Ulele

The January 2015 issue of Design Cost Data features a case study on Ulele, a Beck design and build... read more »

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Peter Beck Speaks at Tarrant County Commercial Real Estate Forecast

Peter Beck, our executive chairman, was one of the featured speakers at yesterday's 26th Annual... read more »

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Korean Megachurch SaRang Church Offers Lessons for America

Outreach Magazine shares ways American churches can learn from global megachurches - including our... read more »


Beck Signs AIA 2030 Commitment

Sustainability is at our core, showing itself in our concern, empathy and compassion for others,... read more »

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Quick Tip for Maximizing Existing Ministry Space

Rethink what you store, says Tom Greenwood, Director of Faith-Based Design. More thoughts on... read more »

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Dell Children’s Pathway To Platinum

The Beck-built W.H. and Elaine McCarty South Tower was the first building in the world to achieve... read more »

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Bringing Vision and Values to Life

Midland Bible Church’s vision and values of “a family of faith lived out in the world,” were... read more »

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Beck’s Biannual Cost Report: Spring 2014

Twice a year our estimating teams publish a cost report addressing the major markets and offices... read more »

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Maximize Your Existing Space

"To transform your buildings, you have to first see what could be," says Tom Greenwood, Director of... read more »