Beck Benefits: Another Reason This Is A Great Place to Work

  • Jul 3, 2019

By Rubi Madrid, Administrative Assistant

At The Beck Group, benefits are an essential part of an employee’s overall competitive compensation package. As someone who works here, it shows people like me that the firm invests in my future. On the flip side, strong employee benefits not only help attract and retain talent but mean reduced healthcare costs for the organization. 

I’m proud that Beck offers meaningful benefits to its employees, especially in the health and wellness space. If you’re interested in Beck as a potential employer, keep reading to learn about the resources that support our employees’ whole self.

Family First

With a desire to lead in employee wellbeing, Beck offers benefits not common with other employers in the AEC industry. In addition to 12 weeks of maternity leave for moms, the company provides two weeks of paid paternity leave for the dads in our firm, a rarity in the industry.

We often talk about Beck as a family, and that is because it is. To further that notion, the company supports employees facing challenges in starting or expanding their family. At the beginning of 2019, Beck partnered with Carrot to provide employees and spouses on Beck’s Medical Plan with a fertility benefit.

Carrot offers an online platform where participants chat with fertility specialists, search SAR certified fertility clinics, and watch educational videos. Also, Beck reimburses 50 percent, up to $10,000, of fertility expenses.

Lastly, Beck recognizes that families grow in different ways. The company supports employees that choose to expand their family through adoption. With Beck’s Adoption Assistance benefit, employees can reimburse expenses directly related to adoption, up to $5,000 per child and $ 10,000-lifetime max.  

Nurturing a Healthy Mind and Body

Vitality* is a popular wellness platform that allows employees to review their health status, set goals to become healthier, and rewards them for completing activities like achieving a set goal or running a 5K, 10K, and beyond.

Vitality is a benefit because Beck recognizes the value in keeping employees healthy and motivated to achieve more personally and professionally.

The platform provides multiple opportunities to incentivize healthy behavior, including a gym rebate, a healthy food program where participants earn cash back for purchasing healthy foods at participating stores, as well as mental health and sleep resources.

I use the Vitality platform and earned $700 in rebates over the last few years for making healthy choices.

While Vitality is a great way to take advantage of what you’re already accomplishing, our benefits team at Beck knew there was a need to help those who need a bit more support in starting their journey. Enter Omada: the free health coach program.*

Omada is a newer benefit for employees. An online coaching program, it is a breakthrough platform that inspires healthy habits users can live with long-term. It works to help reduce a person’s risk for heart disease and diabetes through weight loss.

Omada provides a free personal health coach, peer support groups, 16 weekly interactive lessons, and activity and food tracking. Since rolling out the program in January 2018, we’ve seen great success. Participants have lost between 3-10 percent of body weight.

Creating a Path to Financial Wellness

There is staggering statics about the state of financial wellness and the stress that it brings to individuals and families. Because of this, Beck offers everyone in the company free access to the SmartDollar program.

Created by a renowned financial advisor, Dave Ramsey, SmartDollar* helps our employees reduce and eliminate their debt, become more confident in managing their money, and save for retirement. The program allows employees and their families to become debt-free and better manage their money.

Audrey Ormond is a marketing assistant in our Austin office who used the program and had nothing but great things to say, “SmartDollar has helped me get a handle on my expenses and plan for my future. The baby steps can be overwhelming at first, but once you get started, it becomes easier to implement and accomplish.”

Because Beck Cares

“The most popular benefits employees use are Vitality, Omada, and SmartDollar. These speak to our commitment to caring for our employees,” says Health and Wellness Benefits Manager Elizabeth Haynie.

Putting families, physical and mental as well as financial wellness first is one of many reasons Beck is a great place to work. If you like what you read and are interested in Beck as a potential employer, check out our available career opportunities.


*All three benefits are available for eligible employees, even if an employee is not part of Beck’s medical plan. Vitality and Omada are also offered to spouses enrolled in Beck’s medical plan.