The Beck Book Series: Another Great Reason to Work Here

  • Nov 12, 2019

By Sara MacDowell, Talent Development Coordinator 

What are you reading right now?” is always a popular topic among The Beck Group employees. At Beck, across all disciplines, regions, and levels of experience, the desire for personal growth and professional development is evident. It’s evident in the development-focused conversations among co-workers, the regularly scheduled and well-attended Beck University training classes, and the frequent requests received by our Talent Development Team for the latest and greatest book recommendations.

Earlier this year, we created the Beck Book Series, a company-wide book club. The Beck Book Series was born out of employees’ desires to foster personal growth and professional development through reading. We came to realize, as readers, that we can quickly capture what takes authors years, or a lifetime, to research and write. As individuals and collectively as Beck, we would be foolish not to read.

At the beginning of each quarter, Beck employees have the opportunity to participate in the Beck Book Series. To participate, employees register on Beck University, purchase the selected book with funds from their Beck University Training Allowance, and commit to reading the book and meeting at the end of the quarter to engage in discussion about the book.

Read on to learn about how and why Beck believes the Beck Book Series and its community of readers can increase company-wide reading, impact personal growth and professional development, and inspire a culture of continuous improvement.

Improving Reading Habits

Reading is an essential component of growth and development. The habit is a defining characteristic of our greatest leaders and professionals. Reading has proven to improve communication skills and emotional intelligence and is a known catalyst for insight, innovation, creativity, and personal effectiveness.

Other times, the benefits of reading are recognized, but not reaped because it is not consciously prioritized and made a habit. I, like many others, tend to blame my lack of reading on other demands and priorities. Luckily, a book club, like the Beck Book Series, makes it easier to develop and commit to regular reading habits. After all, groups help to encourage accountability and reinforce commitment. If you believe in the benefits of reading but have a hard time developing the practice, public commitment to the Beck Book Series might be just the accountability you need!

Building a Community of Growth & Development

The act of reading in a community and engaging in a book discussion with others can propel your pursuit for personal growth and professional development forward – often much faster than if you pursue it alone. The Beck Book Series creates an opportunity for employees to make connections and build relationships based on a mutual desire for growth and development. Participation in the Beck Book Series indicates a desire for self-improvement. It allows you to engage with others keen on self-improvement, which can encourage you in your reading, as well as your overall growth and development.

Additionally, the Beck Book Series meetings are designed to facilitate engaging and productive discussion for attendees. In these meetings, relationships are deepened through shared learning, as employees express diverse perspectives about the book and voice thoughts and opinions about different concepts and ideas presented in the book. Lastly, the meetings provide a safe space to discuss how best to collectively implement the book’s principles in our personal and professional lives.

Capitalizing on the Wealth of Knowledge & Insight

Finally, the Beck Book Series wants to ensure employees benefit from the wealth of knowledge found within books. The book selected each quarter contains valuable insight and information, particularly for employees’ growth and development. In Q2 and Q3 of 2019, the Beck Book Series completed Essentialism by Greg McKeown and Dare to Lead by Brené Brown. Each of these books presents unique insight and information in their way, but both contributed to our employees’ missions to grow, develop, and improve as professionals and leaders. Ultimately, it’s the mission of the Beck Book Series to introduce these impactful and insightful books and foster growth and development through reading these books.

So, join us next quarter to see what we’re reading in the series!