Celebrating Hispanic Heritage With Christian Mayer

  • Sep 16, 2021

Originally from Saltillo, Mexico, Christian Mayer is a Sustainability Manager at Beck. Read on to learn about Christian and stream the music that makes her who she is today.

Christian learned about Beck when she took a master’s class at SMU taught by former Architecture Principal and Director of Sustainability, Betsy del Monte.

At the same time, she learned Beck designed and built the new football stadium at her alma mater, Tec de Monterrey. Later that semester, an opening for a Sustainability Coordinator opened, and the rest is history! She’s been with Beck for three years.

In her role, Christian ensures our design projects meet internal sustainability objectives. She teams with our architecture and construction experts and clients to meet local codes and third-party rating systems and report our annual carbon disclosure.

READ AND STREAM Christian’s Playlist

Christian created this playlist of meaningful songs in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month.

Soledad y El Mar by Natalia Lafourcade: Natalia is a great composer who does an excellent job of mixing old and new. This song is an example of her ode to traditional Mexican folk songs that is contemporary and fresh. In it, she collaborates with legendary guitarists, the Macorinos. They add a unique and magical sound to the music.

Espacio Sideral by Jesse & Joy: Espacio Sideral is the first song I heard from this duo. It made me want to learn to play the guitar and was also my first concert.

Besame Morenita by Caloncho: I discovered Caloncho at a music festival during college. After that, his music became a part of my college experience. His songs remind me of happy times – sitting on a patio with foldable chairs and caguamas—big, cheap beers—on warm, humid Monterrey nights.

Carta by Silvana Estrada: This song reconstructs the idea of “home” not as a physical place but a feeling inside of you. Even though the song is about a romantic relationship, it resonates because I moved away from my family to pursue my passions. I am happy to share that I bought my first house this year and am making it my home.

Caraluna by Basilos: This is a sad song but listening to the music instantaneously makes me happy. It reminds me of driving and singing with friends. If you ever want to make a Mexican sing, this is a good one to try!