Architecture intrigued Brian long before he entered the profession. “I grew up going on trips to Chicago fairly frequently so I was exposed to so much beautiful design and I feel like I always had an appreciation for it,” he says, “I also had an interest in drawing, so when I was considering what to major in, architecture seemed like a natural fit.”

Before going to school, Brian joined the military. “I was a part of the National Guard for 17 years and I still have reserve involvement,” he says, “That’s what initially brought me to Florida and I loved it so I stayed.” Brian graduated from the University of South Florida with a Master’s of Architecture. “I spent some time working at a glass and glazing sub,” Brian says, “I ended up at Beck thanks to Sasha here in the Tampa office. We were friends from school and had kept in touch. She convinced me that it would be a great fit.”

@ Beck

Brian started at Beck as a project engineer on an interiors project at the Tampa International Airport. After three months, he moved into a role as an architectural intern before converting back to a project engineer when the opportunity arose on a hospital project in Tampa. “One of my favorite things about working at Beck is the ability to switch back and forth between the design and construction side of projects. It’s definitely unique to have the chance to do that since we are an integrated firm and it has helped me develop both skillsets,” Brian says, “I love the design and creativity and right brain nature of architecture, but there is also something satisfying to me getting to see a project come to life in the real world via construction. It’s a different type of problem solving to get to be a part of.”

Just for Fun 

When he’s not at work, one of Brian’s favorite hobbies involves music. “I’ve played guitar since I was 13. Mainly acoustic, but I enjoy classic as well. My favorite song to play is Old Man by Neil Young,” he says, “I also play drums, but guitar is definitely my instrument.” He also enjoys being active. “I play golf and basketball, and we’re about to start our softball league team here in the office. Our office team is also fairly competitive at the dragon boat races here in Tampa. We definitely strategize to win.” Brian likes takes advantage of the many water activities offered in the area. “I paddle board a lot and I like canoeing. One of my favorite things here is being in a canoe in a shallow area and watching the gators. They’re so massive!”