How do I apply for a job?

All candidates must apply online for positions at Beck.  We encourage you to browse our current openings here. Apply directly for the position you are interested in from our current listings. Please make sure you qualify for the role before applying. It is okay to apply for multiple positions.

I submitted my resume online, what happens next?

Our talent acquisition team works with each of our locations to manage job postings, review applications, determine fit, and coordinate the interview and offer process.

After you submit your application we will contact you if we are considering your application. Beck has a three-step interview process:  phone interview, in-person interview, and team-based interview.

We “hire to retire” and take our hiring process seriously. For a creative position, candidates should bring examples of work they’ve done and cool stuff that they are passionate about. For field positions, candidates may be visiting job sites during their interview sessions. Interview questions range from work examples and achievements to general life and personal goals.

After a series of interviews, the team gets together to review and compare notes about each candidate’s qualifications for the role. We care deeply about our employees and put a lot of time (and energy) into making sure we’ve got it right before we make an offer.

Will you contact me regarding the status of my application?

We try to reply personally to each submission. Please know that regardless of a perfect fit today, we will keep your talents in mind and your qualifications on file for future opportunities.

Do you only hire people with years of experience?

We hire both recent grads and seasoned professionals. Each job posting clearly outlines the experience required.

How often are job opportunities posted?

We post new job opportunities daily as they become available.

How much travel is required?

The amount of travel required is dependent upon each individual position. Each job posting will clearly outline the travel required.

Do you offer part-time employment?

Beck offers part-time employment for certain positions.

How do you determine cultural fit?

Beck seeks innovative, collaborative people who maintain the highest degree of integrity. Our employees care about their work, our clients and each other. Be sure to tell us about how your values match up with ours!

I know someone who works at Beck. Do I still have to apply online?

We love referrals! You’ll still need to apply through our online career page to get started, but please make sure to include the name of your Beck contact on your application.