Atlanta Employees Go Back to High School

  • Feb 10, 2017

Earlier this month Adam Lamb, James Norris, Silviu Stoian, Casey Pollard and Shelby Morris of our Atlanta office went back to high school.



They joined Casey Pollard from Redding Construction as teachers for the day at Haralson High School in Atlanta. The team was invited to participate by a member of the National Association of General Contractor’s because of Beck’s leadership in Technology and BIM (Building Information Modeling). Throughout the day they taught Engineering and Technology, Web and Digital Design, Carpentry Welding and Engineering students.



The goal of the sessions was to show the students how technology is changing construction and architecture and also to introduce them to career opportunities that they might not have been aware of.

“My biggest take away was how quickly the students picked up technology! We had a synchro model of the Sydney Harbor Bridge and a scale model of the bridge they had to build,” says Morris. “They used the synchro model to help their team build the bridge and picked up both very quickly and figured it out. I think the biggest thing they learned was common construction and architecture apps that they can use to laser scan and model their house, school, or projects.  Many of them were interested in downloading any of the free software to try it out.”