Beck Discusses Tech Tools in Constructor Magazine

  • Oct 7, 2019

The Associated General Contractors of America is promoting Forward Focus, a special annual issue of Constructor magazine, which includes insight about technology tools from The Beck Group.

This special issue looks at how the industry is evolving and sharing what contractors need to know to keep pace with those changes. Part of the content in the magazine includes an in-depth article called “Tools of the Trade,” which focuses on how contractors today can gain a competitive edge with construction software tools.

According to the article, “in a recent AGC of America survey, 38 percent of respondents indicated they do not use BIM.” Many in our industry are well aware of statistics like the one cited in the article. As one of the largest integrated design-build firms in the industry, The Beck Group relies on a range of design and construction software tools to ensure its projects are successful and efficient.

Beck is an early adopter of many technologies like BIM Track and Microsoft HoloLens. The reason for taking this approach is noted in the article: “The first to use advanced tools will have a competitive edge in our industry.” Moreover, we inherently believe in innovation. Being an innovator allows us to revolutionize the industry, provide value to our clients, all while building the community.

Read more about what we use in “Tools of the Trade.” >>