LEED Upgrade Coming

  • Oct 20, 2016

The world’s premier benchmark for high-performance green building is getting an upgrade. LEED v4 is upon us.

What does this mean for your project? Any project registered after October 31, 2016, will be required to register under the new v4 rating system. This includes all rating systems for Commercial (Building Design & Construction, Interior Design & Construction, Operations & Maintenance) projects. LEED v4 focuses on increased technical stringency from past versions and updated requirements for project types such as data centers, warehouses and distribution centers, hotels/motels, existing retail and mid-rise residential projects.

It’s important to register any projects you may want to pursue LEED v3/2009 on before the upcoming deadline. It can take a couple of days to collect the info to get a project registered.

LEED v3/2009 projects registered before October 31, 2016, will need to be completed by June 30, 2021. This should not be an issue for projects currently registered, but will need to be considered for projects registered to meet the October 31 deadline.

For more information on LEED v4 please contact Norma Lehman, Director of Sustainability, at normalehman@beckgroup.com.

*Photo of Dallas Hall Courtesy of SMU. The building has achieved LEED Gold Certification