Old Parkland Campus Marks Grand Opening

  • Oct 22, 2015

The latest addition to the Old Parkland Campus in Dallas marks its grand opening today. A modern architectural tribute to Jeffersonian architecture, the campus is an example of a century-old vision restored and renewed for the future.

The Beck Group was the architects and Dalgliesh Gilpin Paxton Architects served as design consultants for each of four new buildings. Beck was also the general contractor.

The campus, which is anchored by the restored Old Parkland Hospital, Dallas’ first hospital, features a combination of historical buildings with some new buildings added as a complement. The new buildings utilize materials that respect the classical architecture of the original hospital.

The four new buildings, which are collectively called the West Campus, include an eye-catching copper-domed Parkland Hall, flanked by Oak Lawn Hall and Commonwealth Hall. Across the courtyard from these buildings is the Pavilion, whose design is inspired by Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. It houses a large, underground debate chamber that will host high school and collegiate debates along with national and international speakers. While each of the buildings is grand in size and structure, they are designed in close proximity to foster interaction and impromptu meetings among tenants.

The new buildings also provide a backdrop for what is known as “The American Experiment”, a collection of unique architectural elements, sculptures and quotes that evoke American history and the heritage of the present. Sculptures of the country’s founding fathers and busts of some of the animals Lewis and Clark encountered during the duos epic expedition to the American Northwest are part of this collection.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the office campus blends history, art and architectural elements that invite reflection of the nation’s heritage and stimulate new ideas and answers to today’s issues.

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