See Beck’s All-New, Summer 2019 Cost Report

  • Jun 24, 2019

The Beck Group recently released the summer issue of its all-new biannual Cost Report. The report addresses the market sector and AEC industry trends in the design-build firm’s regional markets.

Every Cost Report focuses on one market sector; for Summer 2019, the focus is on aviation. Beck also polls its team for insight into industry trends and where it expects movement in the future.

According to its team of experts, the most significant trends lie in modular construction and design-build to deliver projects more quickly, with increased quality, and more economical than traditional models. The team universally agrees that these trends, along with the push for more technology, are the driving force in addressing short and long-term challenges in the industry.

Download the full report to learn what is happening across Beck’s markets, read a Q&A with aviation expert Faith Varwig from Faith Group, LLC, and see aviation building pricing conditions.