1601 Elm Street Office

  • Dallas, Texas
    80,000 SF
    Beck – Architecture Beck – Interior Design Beck – Construction Beck – Sustainability

Located on three floors inside Santander Tower in Downtown Dallas, the design intent for The Beck Group headquarters is to foster collaboration and communication among coworkers, so an opening was designed and cut between all three floors to create a feeling of connectivity.

The floors are connected by a steel staircase that rises out of the lobby space to the office’s other floors. Views and natural light are enhanced by visually minimal materials such as clear vision glass, stainless steel mesh, and perforated metal panels. To maximize the low floor to floor height and allow unobstructed views of the city, dropped ceilings were used sparingly, and the building’s floor structure was exposed.

Private offices and collaboration/support spaces are located near the building’s core, giving maximum natural light and views from the working and public spaces. Complementing the tenant’s corporate identity, raw materials such as unfinished steel, polished concrete, and Venetian plaster are used along with the company’s trademark blue, which is showcased in a custom, multi-floor sculpted tile wall.