CrossRoads Fellowship Phase 2

  • Odessa, Texas
    26,000 SF
    Beck – Architect Beck – Construction

CrossRoads Fellowship has experienced phenomenal success and growth in its ministry, especially in reaching younger generations. As a continuation of the original facility and campus master plan also designed and constructed by Beck, this 26,000 SF expansion doubled the amount of available space for children’s and student ministries. For the thriving CrossRoads’ Kids ministry, the expansion includes three large elementary children’s auditoriums, classrooms and a large themed commons area for families. Renovations to existing spaces created larger auditoriums and classrooms for preschool-aged children and a large indoor play area. Beck designed a stand-alone building for the junior high and high school aged student ministries. The building includes a 300-seat auditorium, coffee bar and a large, flexible community space for smaller group gatherings, with outdoor recreational and community outreach spaces.