Dallas ISD Walnut Hill International Leadership Academy

  • Dallas, Texas
    127,000 SF
    Beck – Construction
    VAI/HED Architects – Architecture

After the October 2019 tornadoes that devastated the campus, a remarkable transformation took place. A new 151,000 SF PK-8th grade campus was constructed, replacing the storm-damaged Walnut Hill Elementary and Cary Middle Schools.

The new two-story facility boasts state-of-the-art learning facilities, age-appropriate gym spaces, music rooms, a shared library, storm shelter, administrative facilities, and a cafeteria, all thoughtfully designed to enhance the educational experience. In addition, the campus features multiple exterior learning spaces, fostering a dynamic and inspiring learning environment.

Both the Thomas Jefferson and Walnut Hill sites joined forces in sharing new site improvements, which include additions such as baseball, softball, football, and soccer fields, new tennis courts and a band practice field. To accommodate the growing needs of the campus, 560 parking spaces were also added, ensuring convenience and accessibility for all.