Emory Nursing Learning Center

  • Decatur, Georgia
    70,000 SF
    Beck – Architecture Beck – Construction Beck – Interior Design Beck – Medical Equipment Planning

With a projected increase in enrollment, the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing (NHWSN) at Emory University was looking to expand their footprint with a new facility to provide extra space for students to develop skills and practice procedures. The Emory Nursing Learning Center (ENLC) is an innovative facility designed to anticipate challenges in nursing education, and embrace advanced technologies and teaching methods. Supporting nursing students at all levels, this 70,000 SF renovation project encompasses four levels of a commercial office and bank building initially opened in 1962. Located in Downtown Decatur, the ENLC includes modern simulation and skills labs, where students learn to care for patients in hospital, clinic, and home apartment settings. It also offers classrooms, study spaces, a student lounge, faculty, and staff space, and houses the Emory Nursing Experience Program, which provides continuing nursing education to practicing nurses.


The ENLC is the largest of its kind in Georgia and one of the largest in the country. Embracing the existing mid-century modern aesthetics and history as a bank, the center reimagines existing floor layouts and historical bank spaces to create academic facilities that will accommodate Emory’s increasing class sizes and support the latest in pedagogy and learning technologies.