Faith Baptist Church

  • Artesia, New Mexico
    33,000 SF
    Beck – Architect

Faith Baptist Church has had great success and growth in its ministry. Their mission is to help begin, build and, broaden people’s relationship with God and others. Faith Baptist partnered with Beck to further this mission by building an addition on their original facility. The expansion includes 33,000 SF of new worship, administration and nursery space.

Beck created prominent entrances in strategic spots to strengthen the connection with the surrounding community. The entrances lead to a lobby space that hosts more intimate gatherings and encourages interaction before and after services. Services are now held in the new 900 seat worship center, which is designed to foster interpersonal relations with seating that allows members to have simultaneous views of the stage and to one another.  The ambience of the worship center was designed to be flexible. Faith Baptist has the choice to have a dark room that showcases worship though color changing LED lighting or a room with natural light pouring in through two large window systems.

The resulting space is unique and playful that matches the characteristics of the attendees of Faith Baptist Church and the people of Artesia, New Mexico.