Federal Office Building 108 & Parking Garage

  • Atlanta, Georgia
    330,000 SF / 9 Levels Parking: 1,298 spaces
    Beck – Architecture Beck – Construction Beck – Sustainability

Beck was awarded the design and construction of Building 108 with parking and campus enhancements. In order for the new building to complement the Building 107, our team incorporated similar materials and design aesthetics for an overall cohesive campus.

Building 108 is designed to achieve LEED Gold certification. The envelope of Building 108 is optimized to appropriately balance daylight and glare control while also improving outward visibility and thermal performance. Keeping Fitwel certification in mind, the vertical circulation configuration is enhanced to promote visibility and stair use. In addition, destination dispatch elevator controls improve efficiency and facilitate social distancing measures.

The typical office floor plate is designed to maximize daylight and views, optimize energy performance, and provide efficient circulation and a logical grouping of program elements. The building core is logically arranged by function.

The site design provides enhancement of existing green spaces and proposed water management areas that are vital to the campus experience for both employees and visitors. The design works with existing topographic features to optimize the natural zones of water quality and erosion control measures.