Fellowship Church Grapevine

  • Grapevine, Texas
    123,000 SF

Pastor Ed Young and the founders of Fellowship Church had limited funds and needed a space that would be comfortable for their membership, mostly young families and singles, but large enough to accommodate the church’s explosive growth. Beck’s design created a place that felt familiar and non-threatening for the unchurched culture. With a sleek, modern, 4,100-seat worship center, a large lobby atrium, and a children’s educational space, the decidedly nonreligious structure fits comfortably into the surrounding retail and commercial development. Simple building forms were used to maximize square footage while keeping costs down, which allowed the church to focus more project dollars on video, lighting and sound systems so vital to their multi-media-driven approach to presenting Biblical truth. Since occupying this building in 1998, the church has grown to be one of the largest in America.