Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support

  • Dallas, Texas
    28,000 SF
    Beck – Architecture Beck – Construction Beck – Preconstruction

Genesis Women’s Shelter was created to provide safety, shelter, and support for women and children who have experienced domestic violence, and to raise awareness regarding its cause, prevalence, and impact. The shelter offers counseling services, legal services, and assistance with housing needs for those looking to escape domestic violence.

The new Lucas campus was designed and built to house the operations of the growing non-profit organization and its services. Prior to the new campus, Genesis operated out of a retail strip center building, and quickly ran out of space as their services expanded over time. Additionally, the desire to build and own a building, rather than lease a space was important for the organization.

The facility houses the operational and executive staff of the organization, it will allow Genesis to host educational events, training, and community services such as counseling for women and children, legal assistance, and a legal library, as well as processing for rehousing and sheltering services.

As the designers and builders of this vital community resource, Beck looks forward to the positive impact the new facility will have on the lives of those who need it most.