Harim Holdings Office

  • Iksan, South Korea
    173,600 SF, 79,700SF above grade, 93,900SF below grade
    Beck – Architect Beck – Interior Design Beck – Sustainability

Harim Group’s vision is to have a building that expresses their desire for sustainability and the care they demonstrate for their employees and citizens. The company wants to provide interconnected green spaces throughout the building that will be open to the public as well as give employees easy access to the gardens during office hours. It is also a desire to have open and comfortable day lit office space and with much care being given to the solar control on the building exteriors.


The solution provides for a 173,600 SF design that has two L shaped interlocking forms that help to create a variety of outdoor green space and plazas between the two forms.  The entire façade of building is designed with specific percentages of alternating glass and insulated wall to allow maximum natural light on the desirable south side of the building and protect the northern facades from exposure to the cold.  East and west façades contain vertical fins that block glare from the east and west sun.  Spaces include an upscale employee dining area with two story waterfall and views to the garden and city, veterinary hospital, pharmaceutical lab, conference rooms, open office spaces, underground parking garage, and 45,300 SF of underground storage.