Harwood Park

  • Dallas, Texas
    3.8 Acres
    Beck – Construction

Creating paradise out of a concrete jungle, with vacant buildings and an empty, crumbling parking lot is what the 3.8-acre Harwood Park, in Downtown Dallas, will rise from in 2023.

After 3 years of acquiring land in the Harwood Historic District, Parks for Downtown Dallas and The Decherd Foundation are breaking ground on Downtown’s newest park. Sitting at 3.8 acres in the concrete jungle, Harwood Park will serve the fast-growing Dallas Farmers Market area and connect Downtown with Deep Ellum.

The site is already a storied one, containing several buildings of historical significance that will be incorporated into the park’s design. The plans include sweeping green lawns, more than 200 trees, an event venue, and a pavilion. Spots for outdoor dining will make it easy to stick around for mealtimes, as will the food trucks and “ghost mammoth” playground structures that harken back to when these sensational creatures once roamed.

Sustainability is an integral part of the park’s design to feature an environment that promotes nothing but fun and natural beauty. At the forefront of this innate design, Ten Eyck Landscape Architects and Quimby McCoy Preservation Architecture have created plans for a sustainable rain garden and repurpose the decorative aluminum rings that once adorned the parking garage torn down to build Main Street Garden. Beck is providing preconstruction and construction services for Harwood Park: we have also worked with Parks for Downtown Dallas on Pacific Plaza, West End Square and Carpenter Park.