Harim Pet Food Factory & Visitor Center

  • Gongju, South Korea
    171,000 SF
    Beck – Architecture

Harim Group’s new Pet Food Factory and Visitor’s Center includes a total automated clean factory, Happy Dance Studio, offices, conference rooms, cafeteria, display and store spaces, auditorium and security building on a new property in Gongju, South Korea. It was perhaps the most anticipated development of a clean, sustainable and automated pet food factory in South Korea in recent years.

The facility will provide much-needed pet food manufacturing space and is expected to attract pet owners to see the clean facility and experience how pet food is made for their beloved dog or cat.

To attract visitors, Beck created a concept called “where is my food”, that makes it easy for dog and cat owners to peer inside the factory through windows and see how the food is made. Pet owners will also enjoy the pet friendly park outside the cafeteria and the pet store and will enjoy the natural light at the pet friendly café located next to the courtyard.