John C. Godbold Federal Building

  • Atlanta, Georgia
    134,000 SF
    Beck – Architect-of-Record Beck – Construction
    Lord Aeck Sargent – Interior Design Architect

In order to address space concerns, the GSA tasked Beck’s design and construction teams with converting four existing historic buildings into a single facility. Located in a historic Atlanta’s district, the Godbold Federal Building is now an annex to the Elbert P. Tuttle U.S. Federal Court of Appeals building. The team used cutting-edge technology to illustrate how to install a new structural steel ground-level floor structure while maintaining four levels of structure above, and preserving the historic heavy wood timber frame while reinforcing the vulnerable masonry building envelope. Exterior walls were reinforced to meet modern blast and progressive collapse requirements. The LEED Gold certified project incorporates numerous sustainable features, including reuse of the existing building and 75 percent daylighting.