Midland Bible Church

  • Midland, Texas
    40,000 SF
    Beck – Architect Beck – Construction

Midland Bible Church’s vision and values as “a family of faith lived out in the world” were captured in subtle, yet powerful ways in its new campus, which was designed and built by Beck. Through simple forms, natural materials, light, transparency and creative functionality, the design enhances and communicates the church’s identity. For the church’s new 15 acre property, Beck created a master plan and building design concept around the church’s values of teaching and living God’s word, family and welcome. A central, interior community plaza is the heart or “living room” of the church, providing space for multiple activities including informal gatherings, public baptism services, and dinners. Directly adjacent to the plaza is a 500-seat sanctuary, spaces for children’s ministries, bookstore and fellowship hall. Youth and adult ministry areas and offices also flow directly to the plaza, providing a place where all the congregation can see, greet and connect with each other.