Old Parkland North Campus

    96,000 SF
    Beck – Architecture Beck – Preconstruction Beck – Construction

The Beck Group provided architecture, preconstruction, and construction services for the six store core and shell office building and a three level below grade garage. The Old Parkland North Campus façade is largely limestone with handmade bricks and zinc panels for accent. The first and second floor consist of the main lobby, elevator lobby, and restrooms. Level two is an upper mezzanine flanked by tenant spaces, elevator lobby, and restrooms. Levels three to level six consist of elevator lobbies, restrooms, and tenant spaces. The seventh floor area is the mechanical penthouse.

Conceived as separate but adjoining buildings, the six-story “palazzo” adjoins a four-story “temple” like structure. These building types were used extensively as models for office buildings during the Golden Age of Classical architecture in America and early twentieth century; these styles were used as a basis of design for the project.

The arrangement of a “palazzo” alongside a “temple” not only pulled together some of the most historic forms but also allowed an enclosed Plaza or Piazza to be created on the southern side of the site and helped to develop a progression of spaces from the main entry gate as well as creating a connection to the existing campus.