Phipps Plaza Mixed-Use

Phipps Plaza is celebrating a new phase of development and transformation in its 50-year history. A department store and parking garage at the historic mall are being demolished, making room for a new trio of uses.

The new development features a Nobu Hotel and Restaurant, a 350,000 SF 13-story office building, and four-stories of parking. A 90,000 SF Life Time luxury athletic and coworking destination, combined with a curated dining and entertainment experience, complete the trio.

These will all be linked by an outdoor event venue and public green space, replacing what once was a traditional multi-level department store.

With a target completion date of mid-2021, the transformation of Phipps Plaza is one of the most ambitious projects in the Atlanta region. Its scope alters the legendary Atlanta luxury retail landmark, continuing to elevate it as a one-of-a-kind, mixed-use destination.