Rollins Immediate Care Center of Winship at Emory University Hospital

  • Atlanta, Georgia
    4,950 SF
    Beck – Architecture Beck – Preconstruction Beck – Construction Beck – Interior Design Beck – Medical Equipment Planning

Beck’s integrated team of planners, designers, and construction staff designed and are building a clinic inclusive of a diverse range of cancer treatment services. Beck worked in tandem with Simpler Consulting to engage 60 users in a short period to right-size the space to ensure it was operational in the short and long term.

This new clinic “template” is designed with cancer patients in mind, including ensuring family support space is available physically and operationally. The clinic features concierge service by integrating technology and removing the waiting room to allow patients to go directly to their treatment room. Every room is standardized for a range of procedures to allow the entire facility to scale up to 24/7 care.

Beck’s integrated approach allowed for the project to be designed quickly by utilizing full-scale mock-ups for user consensus. The mock-ups served as early design documentation so the team could move straight to CDs, effectively cutting the project schedule in half.