Southwestern Adventist University Pechero Hall

  • Keene, Texas
    32,000 SF
    Beck – Architect Beck – Construction

Southwestern Adventist University’s (SWAU) is a private Christian university located southwest of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Pechero Hall represents SWAU’s commitment to providing the finest state-of-the-art educational facilities for its present and future students. Designed and built by Beck, the two-story classroom building is located on the west end of the campus’ main mall. The building is compartmentalized to house four different departments and serve approximately 900 occupants. In addition to classrooms, faculty and board member office space was incorporated into the structure. Beck’s design features a corner tower cupola which has become the University’s new iconic logo, seen on stationary, publications and business cards. For a consistent look throughout the campus, the hall’s brick cladding matches the brick used on the other buildings and the roof is an aged copper colored standing-seam metal.