Sundance Square Plaza

  • Fort Worth, Texas
    275,000 SF
    Beck – Construction
    Bennett Benner Partners – Architect-of-Record David M. Schwarz/Architectural Services, Inc. – Design Architect

This project, which includes the vibrant Sundance Square Plaza, The Commerce Building and The Westbrook, had long been the vision of Sundance Square. In less than one year, the project, and particularly its Plaza, has become a beloved urban landmark for the City of Fort Worth and a national model for downtown revitalization. Built by Beck, the buildings are designed to complement and amplify the existing character and ambiance of Sundance Square and the larger downtown context. Two historic buildings on the site, the Chisholm Trail Mural Building and the Land Title Building, were preserved and incorporated into the site. The plaza sits on two city blocks and bisects Main Street, now closed to vehicular traffic. The mixed-use buildings provide a robust addition of Class A office space and ground-floor retail space. The Westbrook has a permanent stage that serves as a backdrop for variety of events.

Two other interesting features on the project were the specialized, operable shade structures that were manufactured in Germany specifically for this project and the interactive water feature in the Plaza.  With over 200 individual jets with lights and variable controls, the water feature provides the public with an enjoyable and interesting centerpiece to the Plaza. The project was designed to LEED standards.