Tampa International Airport Airsides A, C, And F Restroom Refurbishment

  • Tampa, Florida
    19, 308 SF

The Beck Group provided design-build services for the Tampa International Airport (TPA) Airsides A, C, and F Restroom Refurbishment and Expansion Project.

The Project’s Unique Features

TPA’s Airside C showcases high-design, spacious restrooms, quality craftsmanship, and an inviting yet durable material palette. Welcoming travelers to Florida’s unique experience, the entrance features easy-to-see signage and deep blue stone walls reminiscent of waves crashing on Florida’s shores.

A tile wall that resembles wood adds warmth and softness for a balanced, resort-like feel. Images of quintessential Florida flora are back printed on floor-to-ceiling sheets of impact-resistant glass to ensure durability over the years.

Cleanliness and maintenance are at the forefront of the design. Material choices include silicone grout for its impermeability, durability, and ease of cleaning. Large format tiles minimize the number of grout joints, where dirt and bacteria commonly build up.

The world-class restroom experience aligns with TPA’s signature “cockpit” concept providing guests with a sensor-activating sink and soap, personal paper towel dispensers, and trash, all within arm’s reach. Large solid-surface trough sinks capture water dripping off hands, keeping counters and floors dry. These details keep the restroom looking fresh, guest after guest, while minimizing the need for additional cleaning maintenance.

Accessibility: A Focal Point of the Project

With as many as 1,500 guests departing the Airside at any given hour, accessibility was another focal point in the design. Wide walkways and extra deep stalls allow travelers with luggage plenty of space to maneuver. Full-access plumbing chases give airport staff easy access to maintain the restroom’s plumbing with little-to-no intrusion in the customer-facing areas. Lastly, a spacious and dedicated nursing room and a family restroom provide comfort and privacy to families.

While working in an occupied facility, guest safety is the top priority. Beck achieved an incident-free environment by upholding wayfinding, engineering controls, processes and procedures, and personal protection equipment. Beyond protecting the public from debris and noise, we used large-format printed barriers to communicate the airport’s brand.

This project was named winner of the 2022 America’s Best Restroom award by Cintas, the restroom supply company. It won based on cleanliness, visual appeal, innovation, functionality, and unique design.