Tampa International Airport Consolidated Rental Car Facility and Automated People Mover

  • Tampa, Florida
    2,300,000 SF
    Beck – CONSTRUCTION (in Partnership with Austin Commercial)
    Demattei Wong Architecture – Architecture

Tampa International Airport is beginning to implement its master plan for expansion. Beck, a member of Austin Commercial’s team, designed and built the nearly $1 billion first phase. The 5-story consolidated rental car facility (ConRAC) removes rental cars and rental car counters out of the main terminal, freeing up space for future expansion. A new 1.3-mile automated people mover (APM) links the ConRAC to the main terminal. This project added 2,400 parking spaces to the airport’s long term garage, remove 8,500 daily rental car vehicle movements from airport roadways and curbsides, allow rental car operations to grow, increase the efficiency of rental car operations while reducing costs and improving customer service, and eliminate bussing operations for rental car customers, economy parking users and airport employees.