Tarrant County College District Trinity River Campus

  • Fort Worth, Texas
    280,000 SF
    Beck – Construction
    Jacobs – Architect

Just a few years after Beck’s ground-up construction of a riverfront headquarters for RadioShack Corporation, the facility was turned over to the Tarrant County College District (TCCD) for their use as a new downtown campus. Beck’s construction team returned for the full-scale renovation of the campus office buildings to accommodate their educational needs. Seven floors of the East Fork building were completely gutted and built back. This building houses a range of classes from sign language, speech, physics, computer classes, to history. The Trinity River Campus’s library is located on the second floor, requiring structural upgrades to support the weight of the books. The Trinity building was renovated to house executive suites, TCCD police offices, campus bookstore, business services, testing facilities, financial planning, and registration. The renovated Elbow Building is the premier life science space for the school. Complete with a variety of science labs outfitted with fume hoods, glassware washers, incubators and steam sterilizer, the building also houses lecture halls, classrooms, computer lab, tutoring rooms, faculty offices and conference rooms.